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Fulfill Your Nursing Dreams with Nursing Education

If you want a secure job, you can have one with a career in nursing. If you really want to have a nursing career, then it is important for you to have a nursing school education. There are many job opportunities for nurses, so if your finish your nursing school education, then you can soon have a job that is secure.

If you want to enter the nursing field, you have the option of choosing among 3 ways. You can choose to become a certified nursing assistant or a CNA, a licensed practical nurse or LPN, or a registered nurse, an RN. Some of these pathways will take a shorter time to finish but all of it will lead you to a nursing career.

If you choose to become a CNA, then you can start working within about a month of less. The training and certification process for the CNA is very short and upon completion you can start working and earn an hourly rate which will depend on the area where you work. A CNA assists LPNs and RNs in taking care of patients and performing some of the tasks that nurses perform under the supervision of a nurse. This will help you gain a lot of nursing experience which you are working on a higher position.

If you want to pursue an LPN career, then you need to study in a licensed practical nursing school. With an LPN education, you can further your nursing career. You can complete your education under 2 years and start earning big salary. Working as an LPN you will be doing basic nursing tasks in caring for patients while being supervised by an RN. When you are working as an LPN, you can continue studying to become an RN going to school part time. Pursuing an RN career is not for everyone; some choose to stay an LPN for the rest of their career life.

The highest paid type of nurse is the RN and the one with the most responsibility. In most hospital and medical institutions RNs are in charge of a team of LPNs. RNs are responsible to organize things and make sure that proper care is being given to all the patients. Being an RN is quite stressful, but it is also a very rewarding career. An RN receives a very good pay and benefits for her career.

Entering nurse school is a very wise career choice whatever route you take. You will always have a job as long as you are able to do the work. Being able to take care of other people is a satisfying and rewarding endeavor and, in the process, also get paid well above average.

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