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Auto Accidents in South Carolina

A recent study meant for improving the nation’s country roads, and bridges proved that South Carolina is the most dangerous state for drivers of rural roads. It comes in second in the nation for the highest number of deaths annually that are caused by a drunk driver. There is a rule of thumb, this means that if you leave the scene of an accident, especially that involving injury or death, you might face serious criminal penalties. If you feel insecure at the accident scene, approach the nearby law enforcement station. Avoid explaining the accident with anyone except your attorney, insurance company and the police. Do not take any offers until all physical injuries you suffered have been treated and you have the doctor’s prognosis.

Even if you are at fault in a traffic accident or not, you have rights regarding payment of settlements for injuries or damages to vehicles. There is also a need to have a qualified attorney or law firm to defend you in case you meet with an accident. A well -known law firm in South Carolina is the Joe and Martin injury law firm. These two began working together to represent injured South Carolina residents against big insurance companies. They major in cases like automobile accidents, boat accidents, boat accidents and injuries caused by dangerous conditions on other people’s property . In a quest to decrease the instances of ghastly accidents in South Carolina, new laws came into effect that imposes harsher sentences for drunk drivers.

These upcoming laws show bigger fines and increased jail term depending on your blood alcohol content when you are arrested. South Carolina has law consent that requires that you give consent to samples like blood, urine or allow breath test if you are spotted driving under the influence. Read more that if you result to driving while intoxicated, remember that if you get arrested, you will be forced to bear increased fines and extended jail terms. If you reside in South Carolina and require assistance with legal matters involving personal injury or accidents, visit this site, http://www. lawtonlawfirm. net. For more information about attorneys.

If you seek a lawyer, medical expenses for claims become more elevated than those that did not employ a lawyer. South Carolina auto accident attorneys argue that more stringent traffic enforcement would be able to change driver behavior if that is indeed the major reason for the accidents. The port in Charleston South Carolina leads to congested traffic due to the large 18-wheeler trucks. Ten percent of accidents comprising of trucks are directly brought about by the truck and three percent due to the environment. Truck drivers cause accidents because they are inattentive, driving too fast or the driver falling asleep behind the wheel. If you encounter an accident with a truck, you get proper representation by a personal injury attorney who knows how truck accidents affect people in and around Charleston, South Carolina.

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